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Award-winning software for planning, implementation and management of environmental certificates for buildings and real estate.

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Digital environmental certification from A to Z

  • Follow EU Taxonomy and BREEAM requirements
  • Extract relevant environmental KPIs
  • Documentation and data accompany the building itself

Data-driven certification

Build up experience and learn from previous projects. Analyze which measures add value to your buildings.

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Cost-effective implementation

  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Spend more time on environmental measures and challenges in the building itself
  • Traceability and predictability make certification seamless

BREEAM provides higher return on equity

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Satisfy EU taxonomy requirements

Meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements
Reduce climate risk
Avoid stranded assets

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Qualify for green loans

Get a longer repayment period
Higher loan size
Up to 10 basis points lower interest rate

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Increased building value

Higher rental income
Higher sales revenue
Get more stable tenants

We help some of Scandinavia's largest real estate companies, contractors and consultants
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Feedback from customers

"I use Kvist in my BREEAM projects, and it's incredibly liberating to avoid all the excel sheets and various email threads that previously took up a lot of my time!"

- Mona Nilsen Ervik, Project Manager at NCC

Kvist has support for the following certifications:

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How to get started with Kvist

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1. Book a demo

Book a meeting with our team. You choose a date and time that works for you.

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2. We tailor a plan

After the first meeting, we'll help you choose a plan that suits your project.

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3. We help you get started

We make sure to give you a good introduction to Kvist. If you need help, we are always available.

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4. Get environmental certified

Your project is closely monitored from start to certification.

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